Pillows and Cowboy hats

We have a variety of sizes of pillows and cowboy hats.  Due to the nature of this item we need to quote each order.  Costs vary through out the year on items needed to produce pillows and cowboy hats.


Our pillows are made from our bandannas.  You can print on one side or two.  The pillow fronts/backs are first printed, then they are sewn and filled with a poly fiberfill.  Each pillow is made by hand.  This process is very labor intensive and our minimim amount of time required to begin to ship a pillow order is eight weeks.


You can order any size (square or rectangle) up to a twenty inch pillow.  We also offer heart pillows.


We use a high crown straw texan hat for our hat orders.  They are not sized, but come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  Generally you will get one dozen small, one dozen extra large and the rest a mixture of medium and large. This is based on about every 72 ordered.  Again, there are no sizes on the hats, this is just what we have experienced in the past.  The hats come from Mexico.  Generally, for a minimum order we need at least six weeks to begin to ship.


We can tie and glue bandannas to hats to create a custom look.

















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